No. 1 Guided Tour of Český Krumlov Castle

The 1st Guided Tour of Český Krumlov Castle concentrates on the original Castle interiors from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. The tour starts at the IIIrd Courtyard of Český Krumlov Castle and takes about 60 minutes. It leads to the St. George\'s Castle Chapel and continues through the large Rosenberg Hall to four Rosenberg rooms in the Renaissance style (Renaissance Rooms of Český Krumlov Castle) with original wall paintings and wooden panel ceilings from the second half of the 16th century.

Kolem Around the Corridor with the Rosenbergs\' Coat-of arms, the route goes to the stairs to the second floor of the Castle. There you can see the Schwarzenberg Baroque Suite from the 18th century furnished with the original pieces. The suite consists of the Entry Room - "Antechamber", the Eggenberg Hall with the Golden Carriage, the Dining Room, the "Canopy" Lounge, the Bedroom with the oriental cabinet, a private Chapel, and a Changing Room. The No. 1 Guided Tour ends in the beautiful Rococo Masquerade Hall.

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For information about the opening hours, prices and entry fees see Tourist Service within the Český Krumlov Castle Complex.