No. 2 Guided Tour in Český Krumlov Castle

The entire 2nd Guided Tour in Český Krumlov Castle focuses on the history of the Schwarzenberg family. The route of the Tour starts in the IIIrd Courtyard of the Castle and the tour itself takes about 60 minutes. It includes the visit to the Schwarzenberg Portrait Gallery displaying portraits of the members of the family from their primal father Erkinger up to the beginning of the 20th century. The next part of the Tour is devoted to the interiors of the so-called "Schwarzenberg 19th century Suite", which familiarises the visitors with the everyday lifestyle of the residential manor during the last century. The Apartment includes the Chambermaid\'s Room, the Music Salon, the so-called Pauline\'s Bedroom, the Tapestry Hall, and the Runk\'s Salon. The tour continues by a visit to what was once the private Suite of Eleonora zu Schwarzenberg. The interiors of the Duchess\'s rooms were successfully re-installed in their original fashion from the second half of the 19th century period, thanks to the surviving archival materials and, of course, all the fumiture and other objects on display in the rooms. The tour also includes the Reception Room of the Duchess, the Smoking Salon, Reference Library of the Duke, and a Small Dining Room followed by the Salon, Dressing Room, and Bedroom of the Duchess. Since May 2005 the 2nd sight-seeing route has been enlarged by the picture gallery and both floors of Plášťový Bridge. The sight-seeing route ends at the 5th chateau courtyard.

II. tour route of the Český Krumlov Castle, small dining room, visitors on tour

For information about the visiting hours of the No. 2 Guided Tour in Český Krumlov Castle, see Tourist Service within the Český Krumlov Castle Complex.