Corridor Connecting the IInd and IIIrd Courtyards of Český Krumlov Castle

Corridor between II. and III. courtyard of the Český Krumlov Castle The corridor connecting the IInd and the IIIrd Courtyards of the Castle was built by the last but one ruler of the Rosenberg house - Wilhelm von Rosenberg - around 1577. It is proved by the date along side Wilhelm\'s coat of arms at the top of the bossaged entry portal. This corridor was built because of the need for an appropriate entrance to the Upper Castle (Castle No.59 - Upper Castle) from this side. Before, a small, uncomfortable wooden bridge for pedestrians linked the Upper Castle with the "stair" tower (today Castle No.59 - Dairy).

When the Castle was rebuilt into a Renaissance residence, the moat was filled from the South side and a new part of the Castle was constructed. There was also built a vaulted corridor rising very steeply with a solid-beamed wooden floor. The vaulted corridor is decorated by painted ornaments dominated by a big five-leaf Rosenberg rose. The arches of the vaults are decorated by floral motifs. The view from the South side of the corridor is magnificent. You can see the historical centre of the city and its relative situation to the landscape.