Castle Theatre in the 20th Century

Photo from production in Český Krumlov Castle Theatre, around 1960 In the twentieth century the castle theatre was used for theatre productions only shortly, once in 1906 and later from 1958 to 1966 during the South Bohemian Theater Festival. The theatre was closed to the public from 1966. Restoration work has been going on now for more than thirty years (see Restoration of the Castle Theater in Český Krumlov). The process of renewal itself, as well as the restorational work, has achieved its own certain kind of development. In 1992 the Foundation of the Baroque Theater in Český Krumlov was founded, and has significantly participated in the process of seeking out financial means for the renewal, publicity, and popularization of the Baroque Theatre. An association of experts on matters of Baroque theatre have taken part in forming the concept of the theatre\'s renewal. Several times per year the theatre hosts non-public rehearsal productions of Baroque opera (see Trial performances in the Castle Theater). Work is also being presently carried out on the construction of a Castle Theater Museum in the Renaissance House (see Castle No. 177 - Renaissance House).

Condition of the Český Krumlov Castle Theatre in 1993

Since September of 1997 the theatre has been open for tours. These tours are designated only for a limited number of visitors as to maintain of the optimal microclimatic conditions in the theatre\'s interior (see Tourist Service within the Český Krumlov Castle complex).