Layout of the Castle Theater Building

The Krumlov Castle Theatre is an independent walled building with a rectangular ground plan, preserved in its original condition. From the outside it looks like a plain square building divided by entrance doors on the ground floor with joined windows on two levels.

The main entrance leads into a small entrance hall from which a few steps lead into the auditorium itself. On the right side of this entrance hall is a small room, formerly a dressing room, today used as the electrical utility room.

On the ground floor are the auditorium (Auditorium of the Castle Theater) with main and side entrance, the stage (Stage of the Castle Theater), and in the southeastern corner of the auditorium a spiral staircase which leads to the balcony.

Most of the ground floor is taken up by the stage with its two dressing rooms. From the stage, two wooden staircases provide access to the gallery on the first-floor level while one wooden staircase leads to a corridor which follows the northern wall of the first floor to the royal box. On the western side of the stage is a service entrance to the theatre.

The first floor is again formed by the stage with the gallery, from which several wooden steps lead to the rope area, then the area of the auditorium with two side balconies and the royal box at the front. Access into the royal box is from either from the two balconies or through the main entrance from the rear corridor, the connecting corridor leading above the Cloak Bridge. Along the northern wall of the theatre leads a narrow corridor which connects the stage floor with the royal box. The auditorium and balcony are connected by a wooden spiral staircase.

The rope area spreads out entirely above the stage. In the remaining areas is the roof construction above the auditorium.

The roof is constructed by two lengthwise saddle roofs with a long central recess. The recess was covered in later times due to the snow and rain which entered and caused partial damage to the roofing and leaked. The southern part of the roof is formed by a covered corridor which leads from the castle gallery, across the Cloak Bridge, through the theatre roof, and ending in the castle gardens. On the eastern end of the building this corridor is connected to the first floor of the Cloak Bridge by wooden stairs, thus also to the theatre. Access to the roof is by two staircases from the rope area. The roof of the theatre is connected by two doors in a gabled wall with the roof of the Renaissance house see ( see Castle No. 177 - Renaissance House).

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