Stage of the Castle Theater

The stage of the castle theatre is characteristic for theatres of the 17th and 18th centuries, in that the depth of the stage is almost as deep as the depth of the auditorium.

The stage of the Baroque stage-glass type has the following dimensions: the width in the areas in contact with the auditorium is 16.6 m, in the rear 16.2 m. The deepest point is 23.4 to 24 meters (leaning wall), the depth of the playing area itself is on the right 18 m, on the left 15.8 m, the height from the stage floor to the rope area is 7.4 m, to the roof 9.6 to 9.8 m (slightly oblique). The portal itself is 12 to 9.2 m wide, 6 m high in the back, and 6.8 m high in the front.

Stage of Castle Theatre in Český Krumlov, stage construction without decorations

The area beneath the stage, occupying the entire area of the stage, is 2.2 m high. The stage, in the sense of a developed Baroque type, was equpiied with a system of flat side wings forming five lanes, converging into the depth of the stage.

Stage of Castle Theatre in Český Krumlov, completion of the scene Ceremonial Hall

Castle Theatre in Český Krumlov, general view with the decoration set

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