Cultural and Social Activities at Český Krumlov Castle

The State Castle Český Krumlov has represented one of the most important cultural centres in Bohemia from time immemorial. As an administrative centre of an extensive dominion, Český Krumlov was a town where, namely thanks to the positions and cultural horizons of its rulers, many social and cultural activities were carried out. Culture not only helped the rulers to present themselves but also contributed to the town\'s general prosperity. The high level of cultural and social activities at Český Krumlov Castle organized over the course of the last few centuries presents a challenge and duty to observe such standards in contemporary productions as well.

Gabriela Demeterová and Collegium  of czech  pfilharmonics, International musicí festival Český Krumlov, 10. 8. 2001, foto: Lubor Mrázek ..

Many important visitors to Český Krumlov Castle bear out the fact that Český Krumlov and its cultural and social activities are popular even nowadays.

Český Krumlov Castle, evening concert of the International Music Festival on the II. castle courtyard, August 1999, foto: Lubor Mrázek

The Český Krumlov Castle boasts attractive exteriors as well as interiors. Such premises create an ideal place for activities of a period character which enable visitors to experience the authentic period atmosphere.

Idea zpřístupnit prostory zámeckých interiérů či exteriérů k pořádání koncertů klasické hudby a dalších společenských aktivit našla dnes své uplatnění. Velká nabídka interiérů z jednotlivých historických období je v letních měsících téměř každodenně využívána ke koncertním, divadelním, gastronomickým a dalším společenským akcím. Celkový vysoký standard prostředí a nabízené aktivity uspokojí i ty nejnáročnější návštěvníky.

In addition to concerts of classical music or performances held in front of the revolving auditorium, several galleries with installed exhibitions of Baroque theatre costumes or ceramic arts of Czech Ceramic Design Agency Český Krumlov etc. can be attended within social activities.

International Gallery of Ceramic Design in Václav´s Cellars at the Český Krumlov Castle, 2000

Many people pay great attention to the projects of the agency Auviex s.r.o. which executes the sought-after evening musical projects inside the exterior premises, mainly during the International Musical Festival Český Krumlov. Other interesting activities are those of traditional musical tours called "Music through the ages" that enliven castle interiors with period music in a stylish and elegant way during the Festival of Chamber Music Český Krumlov.

Chamber Music Festival - Music Through the Ages, musical tour of Český Krumlov Castle Photo from International Music Festival concert in Český Krumlov 1997

Receptions held in the Masquerade or Mirror Hall are considered to be the most prestigious social event. Gastronomic functions following receptions or banquets satisfy even the greatest demands for clients\' presentation.

Reception table in the Hall of Mirrors in the Český Krumlov Castle

Non-profit activities as well, namely musical competitions for young performers, e.g. Concertino Praga or benefit concerts for the town\'s and castle\'s non-profit institutions, take place here.

Cultural and social life at the castle can begin even spontaneously. Not only once have the castle courtyards transformed into a concert or mediaeval hall for a few minutes to create a congenial atmosphere for modern choruses or Renaissance musketeers performing a period duel.

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