Institutions Residing within the Český Krumlov Castle Complex

The State Castle Český Krumlov is the residence of many institutions which operate within the town and region and/or carry on their business activities at the castle complex. Some institutions are based inside the castle premises due to their sphere of activities, e.g. the seperate offices of the State office for protection of monuments in České Budějovice and branch of the State District Archive Třeboň, Branch Český Krumlov which is housed in the former Rosenberg administration building in the IInd courtyard. The tradition of accommodating the archival funds inside this building dates as far back the 16th century. At the IVth courtyard the Foundation for the Castle Baroque Theater in Český Krumlov together with the Administration of Český Krumlov Castle aspire to conserve and restore the castle complex. As for cultural activities, the Administration of Český Krumlov Castle co-operates with Czech Ceramics Design Agency Český Krumlov, Girsa AT and the South Bohemian Theatre České Budějovice, the operator of the Open-air Theater with a Revolving Auditorium in the castle park. The rental of the castle premises for various Cultural and Social Activities at Český Krumlov Castle is carried out by Agency Jiří Kiprý residing in the IIIrd courtyard. The Gardening Services ing. Eva Olšanová provide the floral decorations for the interiors. The former Riding Hall accommodates the firm Auviex s.r.o. which offers gastronomic services. The residences of the editorial department of the regional newspaper Českokrumlovské listy, the firm IPEX and the agency Unios Tourist Service which provides tourist information and sells publicity materials are located in the Ist courtyard, inside the premises of the former Salt House.

Český Krumlov Castle, areal photo