Castle no. 59 - Dairy - Rental of Premises

Rental of Premises

The building\'s first floor is used as a "Gallery of Czech Culture" with an exposition of contemporary art. This gallery is run by the Czech Ceramic Design Agency.

Gallery Of Czech Culture in the Dairy , opening of new annuall exhibitions  of  Czech Ceramic Design Agency . 1.5.2001, foto: Lubor Mrázek Gallery of Czech Culture in the Dairy, opening of new annual exhibition of Czech Ceramic Design Agency, 1.5.2001 , foto: Lubor Mrázek

Funkční krb v prostoru galerie využitelný i pro netradiční atmosféru při vernisážích doplňuje autentické prostředí těchto goticko - renesančních prostor.


The restaurant in the building\'s ground floor is operated by the firm Auviex, s.r.o. (auviex.ck@worldonline.cz) which runs the business during the main tourist season.

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Further information on facilities and space rental at the Český Krumlov Castle complex

Current use :
Churn the Castle Restaurant
Gallery of Czech Culture - Czech Ceramic Design Agency