Monitoring of Town Monument Reserve of Historical Center of Český Krumlov - UNESCO Monument

Authorized organization:
State office for protection of monuments in České Budějovice
Station for monitoring and monumental research

náměstí Přemysla Otakara II. No. 34
České Budějovice
Tel.: +420 387 312 140

Zámek 59
Český Krumlov
Tel.: +420 380 711 026

On 16th November, during general conference of UNESCO, which took place in Paris in 1972, was adopted Agreement about preserve of world cultural and natural heritage. In this document are defined monuments that have universal value and concernment of its preserve exceeds national significance.

Overview onto Český Krumlov in autumn, foto: Libor Sváček

Czech Republic accepted the agreement in 1991. On basis of this act was prepared list of the first cultural and natural monuments proposed by Czech Republic to entry the World Cultural and Natural Heritage list. First three were recorded on 4th December 1992 (including Český Krumlov) and next ones acceded later. Currently there are 8 monuments from Czech Republic on the list: Historical Center of Prague (town reserve), Historical Center of Český Krumlov (town reserve), Historical Center of Telč (town reserve), Pilgimage Church of St. Jan Nepomucký on Zelená hora nearby Ždár nad Sázavou(national cultural monument), Kutná Hora: historical town center (town reserve) with church of St. Barbora and church of Our Lady in Sedlec (national cultural monument), Lednice - Valtice cultural landscape (landscape monument zone), Gardens and Chateau in Kroměříž (national cultural monument), Holašovice, historical village (village monument reserve). Next monuments are proposed.

One of the duties of each signatory country is reporting about application of Agreement and about condition of particular UNESCO monuments. To fulfil this duty, the committee of world heritage had prepared tissue whose last version was ratified by Committee of world heritage in Kyoto in December 1998.

According to the tissue the reports are being committed every 6 years in binding form. The report of each signatory country should content these two parts :

  • Part One - Application of Agreement by signatory country
  • Part Two - State of preservation of particular UNESCO monuments

Part one, which is being committed by singatory country, contents overall report about Agreement application. In Czech Republic the report is compiled by State Monument Care Authority (SÚPP) which is authorized by Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic.

Part two is compiled by organizations or persons authorized by government. Authorized organizations are mostly regional monument care authorities that closely cooperate with executive agents of monument care, administrators of pertinent cultural monuments and specially preserved areas and next organizations that are authorized or demanded by Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic.

Monument Care Authority České Budějovice got task to proces second part of report about two UNESCO monuments: Historical Center of Český Krumlov (town reserve) and Holašovice, historical village (village monument reserve).

It was why there was established new detached station in Český Krumlov - station of monitoring and monument researches, whose task is also to process the report.

The report is compiled on the basis of continuous monitoring of Town monument reserve. Information, that are being collected and evaluated, are not directly about monument care only, but there are also monitored all indirect effects e.g. travel movement, inhabitation, employment etc. So it is necessary to cooperate with many various institutions that are working inside or touching the monument, including public administration and local governmental organizations.

(Selected from methodology of SÚPP 1999)