Castle no. 178 - Winter Riding School - Rental of Premises

Rental of Premises

Available year-round, this cultural and social hall offers congressional, conference, concert, and dance ball possibilities. A conference setting offers 662 seats, a concert about 500 places, and ball and dance events offer enough space for about 325 guests.

Eva Urbanová and Symfonical  orchestra  of capital city  Prague  FOK under conduction of Petr Vronský during  concert in Riding hall at the  castle  Český Krumlov, International music festival, 4.8.  2001, foto: Lubor Mrázek

The restaurant with a capacity of about 100 seats with a parking lot directly behind the building are enough to satisfy most travel agencies. In the winter season, the Winter Riding School draws together dance-ball lovers and social event seekers.


The building is under the management of the firm Auviex, s.r.o. (auviex.ck@worldonline.cz)

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